Sunday, January 24, 2016

The right line of thinking and Red 282

Oddly the one of books I mentioned that I wanted  (Show Your Work by Austin Kleon) arrived through my letterbox yesterday - I managed to find it on Ebay at fantastic price from a lovely seller (Suspiciousminds) and it only took a few days to get here.

[Kleon has a nice blog too]

I've been pretty much unable to put it down and am already half way through it, the central theme is around sharing and it makes a great deal of sense - as Art teacher Nick pointed out earlier in the week at my rather crass comment on what Warhol owed to Duchamp it's about being 'on the shoulders of giants' rather than 'ripping off'.

This man will stand on Clapton's shoulders and not rip him off

Red 282

We've had a change since carrier bags have had a (monetary) price put on them - shopping not holidaying.

A nice red bag with a pineapple in it 

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