Thursday, January 28, 2016

Local retail in W13 and Red 278

The small retailer is the front line for so much of what happens in UK business but it's fighting some tough battles.

Just the other day I had what was for me a very interesting talk about retail which made me think.
Avenue Supplies W13 - can the business compete with giants?

The guy I spoke with was involved in hardware and DIY, he spoke about how US giants such as Home Depot have made questionable calls and  misjudged their market selling inferior goods to keep Walls Street happy by short term maximisation of profits.

How can niche neighbourhood shops remain solvent?

They need to be able to offer Amazon Plus -The plus is advice and help in a human form.

Is this possible and how can they get the message out - well internet can level up smaller specialists to some extent but it's undoubtedly a battle.

Red 278

... can be a bit Kitsch here a lava lamp edging perhaps towards pink

Well someone will love it

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