Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Philosophy and Psychoanalysis at City Lit and Red 293

Having enjoyed a number of courses at City Lit led by Scott Biagi I enrolled in the 14 week Philosophy and Psychoanalysis (2 hours per week), and already I'm hooked (I think I might have been even before the course started).
'Let's go and find out about everything.'

Rather worryingly I'm not sure how well I've absorbed the difference between the various philosophical schools I've encountered on my philosophical studies so far but  talking about the first installment of the course with one of the other students over a cup of coffee  I did come to realise that some of my volunteering activities also have a connection with the Psychoanalytical side of the course.

Bowie and Stewpot

So sad to hear of the death of 2 figures from my earlier years, there's always that question about how and why we mourn, part I'm sure because it's a reminder of our own mortalities.
He made some great records

Slightly irritated by some interviewee on Bowies' passing saying radio stations should play his music all day as 'It's the least we can do', I definitely liked his music but don't think any extra playing of his music is 'owed' or will be of benefit to him now.

Looking back what amazed me is the bits of film (it was film in those days too) of Bowie during the 70's when he was presumably a heavy Cocaine user, amazing that he was able to become clean of Alcohol and Drugs and that his creative impetus was unimpaired (and that he lived to be 69) - favourite album for me probably Station to Station but liked Fame and Let's Dance (which Bowie said he didn't) too.

I saw Bowie during his Glass Spider tour (I think) and was underwhelmed but was very much taken with The Man who Fell to Earth (film)

(restrained ) Guerilla marketing

Popped into Ealing Library and stuck up my A5 Exhibition poster without incident- perhaps I should have made it bigger?
And the outcome

Location of the incident

Red 293

Talking of Psychoanalysis fetishes are an area rich in meaning in studies of the subconscious  - here are some red shoes (that the angels probably don't want me to wear).

With a possible nod to Elvis Costello

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