Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Pleasures of Routine

Beany time (Again)

When we're out and about making our way up the greasy pole career-wise focus is not on life but getting somewhere.

For many of us doing this and that chore  is often a necessity and not something to be savoured - a requirement to help us attain, later it can be that these small things are actually what gives value and context for what is in fact life in the whole.

I recall reading about how we should be patient with people ahead of us at the store who engage in conversation with the checkout person - it could be that this is the only direct conversation they have that day- and one day we too could be in their shoes.

So I find now some small pleasure in the routine  which includes a haircut at the barbers I have frequented for a few years and chance meetings with people I know in my locality.

Conversely how sad it is to be unaware of the people around you and for them to see you as a stranger.

Okay £230

As above.

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