Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Leading from the front ..

Programme 1

Keeping an eye on activities 

Oddly I've seen on TV this evening programmes about leadership - If I need to see how businesses work and what teams are about there are few better than  Restaurant Stakeout with the no nonsense Willy Degel in the driving seat -I can't help but get the impression that  a week with him would be better than any MBA.

Do as you say, listen but lead and respect your customers (who pay your wages).

Programme 2

Busy Bees -creating a buzz?
The BBC election debate was on earlier - I've underestimated Corbyn and his team he made the right decision to appear - the central issue , the undoubted elephant in the room in this debating session  was a Conservative leader who called the election but was not wanting to debate the issues in front of an audience.

Theresa May instead chose to throw an uncomfortable looking Amber Rudd (the current Home Secretary who has just lost her 93 year old father) into the battle.

How does Sir Linton Crosby think this will play?

Is May so uncomfortable under  questioning by the electorate that she can't be trusted?

Is it a better  move to keep her in 'controlled' scenarios?

For me the two top performers were the SNP's Angus Robertson who was solid and unruffled and the clearly impassioned Greens's co leader Caroline Lucas - always human, reasonable  and likeable (a rare mixture for a politician)

Expect a Jeremy bounce (time will tell if it is that of a dead cat though) - and there was an impression at least of leadership from him here.

And now

I have £227 .90

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