Thursday, June 15, 2017

A BEAT/Photo Pop Up perhaps

Yesterday went and took a look at potential exhibiting space in Ealing Broadway Centre - be great if we (me and BEAT) can deliver - obstacles to navigate but should be surmountable.

A blank canvas
The shutters are down

Throughout the UK there are shops that are unused and the idea of bringing people to use these spaces to positive ends does appeal to me - so much that I was willing to attend a meeting (pretty much anathema  to me) and get support for the necessary people to help make this a possibility  - we'll see what happens.

And a  suburban meeting place
These shared spaces where life takes place

In fact the part of the meeting I attended wasn't too bad and I was able to see that we were all broadly in agreement - and only about an hour of my time.

It didn't feel..

Appropriate/right  to go on about this yesterday - so sad to hear of an avoidable tragedy like that which we saw in 21st century London (a modern city in a rich country) - worse in some ways than other things we've suffered of late

but here the two that brings us to £253

£251 50 on route to 
the £253 we're at now

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