Thursday, June 22, 2017

Facial recognition

Not Debbie

Yesterday I saw someone from a distance because of where I saw them and the time of day  I thought it was my 'other half' Debbie -it wasn't...

The World population is  around 7.5 Billion and growing (you can see it here) - you can take it that we're creating new Einstein's or that we're doomed.

What I take is that we can (more or less) detect difference at one in 7.5 Billion.

I do have a slight fear that I won't recognise someone I know when I'm away from them for some time (and there's a condition - Face Blindness that Oliver Sachs famously suffered) .

I met a guy called John Bradford who suggested I take some exercises to tune my aptitude around this - the question is 'is it a Psychological problem or maybe a neurodevelopmental one?   - either way it's not too surprising but perhaps it points towards some childhood trauma?

{I think Google's Picasa  has an algorithm for this anyway]

Galloping along

Now it's £267

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