Tuesday, June 06, 2017

House (buildings) Insurance

Today I've been doing some bill paying and the like - it takes more time than you'd think particularly if you want to be able to be reasonably assured that it's not all going to go wrong.
Is it free - do I want it?

As you'd  expect when we look at inflation beyond the headline figures, it becomes obvious that while some things remain fairly consistent there are elements of the 'average basket' used for the calculations that seem broadly out of control - here I'm talking about our Buildings Insurance which has over the last few years risen by more than 12% a year - and despite questioning it (The Halifax are our providers) a clear and reasonable response (to my mind) has not yes crystallised.

 So other things rise with a formula (Like Thames Water charges) but Insurance is less tangible and seems to be now viewed by our present government as something which is an easy way of raising extra tax.

And now

it just keeps building ..

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