Monday, June 12, 2017

Playing it for laughs?

A possible use for the Red Hot Poker?
After what even some Tory MPs are calling the worst election manifesto I'm beginning to wonder if Theresa May our Prime minister has a very dry sense of humour with a surrealist streak   running through it.

Yesterday there was the announcement that Michael 'Back-Stabber' Gove was coming back into the cabinet as Secretary of State for the Environment - Theresa's line that   she was working with Talent from across the Tory Party can not have been anything but a sly joke (can it?)    - here's what happened 11 months ago admittedly the deeply religious Leadsom   hasn't been sacked merely, demoted    but it does seem rather quirky.

And today we've had the Queen's speech delayed as it's dependent on making a yet to be agreed deal with the DUP - oh and then there's Ascot too this is surely beyond satire.

Meanwhile  Boris is pledging his support and loyalty to the beleaguered PM

 No doubt there are some Tories who would say that the manoeuvres are being done in the 'National Interest' but would they be able to keep a straight face as they said it?

Fox hunters may need to be patient - the programme of bills for the new session might not include the free vote the PM wanted to hold and  new Grammar Schools could be delayed too.

Calling £248

And £248 answers I'm here

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