Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On notice?

Colourful debates
As children many of us were told that 'you can't hide deceits and your actions will find you out' - it's not always the case but the internet and free flow of information does change things.

Tory discomfit is now on much show - from the MP Iain Duncan Smith being required to be 'impartial' while he sits in for the vacationing Jeremy Vine on his popular radio programme to Tory cabinet ministers who are required to support their Prime minister while she performs a U turn on public spending for Northern Ireland to 'buy' the votes of the DUP.

While some MPs on the Tory benches speak out with honesty and conviction (I'm thinking here  of Ken Clarke and the straight talking Anna Soubry MP)  so many turn blind eye to those who lead the party.

What will happen? - The economy and stability of UK Plc are effectively under the control of a small caucus who it seems to many value their party far beyond the health of the country's electorate at large.

And now

Okay let's take it to the next level

Pressing on to £280

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