Friday, June 09, 2017

The nation has spoken

What is so great about the political process here in the UK  is that there is an element  in the voting which sends a raspberry to those who seek to direct things - and so it was yesterday.
Shame the Greens didn't do better 

How can you characterise what's happened?  For sure Mrs May has made a poor decision and revealed that you do need friends and colleagues - in truth Jeremy Corbyn has not won but he has done a lot better than most of us expected.

Tim Farron (LibDems) miscalculated and Nicola Sturgeon (SNP)has been revealed as being fallible.

[Art least we've lost the 70's comedian clone and UKIP leader Paul Nuttall]

Where we do go from year - well the Tories will be more (I predict) open to spending, let's face it Labour scored some of their success by making the promise to spend more of rich folks money.

Brexit negotiations which were already stretching for the ability challenged trio of Boris, Davies and Fox now look likely to be a series of defeats punctuated by tactical withdrawals - next election probably not too far off either.

Business as usual

Still building £243


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