Friday, June 30, 2017

Beyond belief

Something about 'dead wood'
There's some talk going around amongst the metropolitan 'liberal' elites about the dream of forming a UK  equivalent to the French movement headed up by current Wunderkind President  Macron -this doubly so after the Labour Leader acted quickly against his own party's Euro tendency - I'm not quite sure how serious the Gary Lineker idea is though

We've had a series of so-called defining moments over the last few months but the Tory MPs cheering the news that they'd won a vote to keep Public servants (we're talking Police, Nurses and Firefighters)  wages at the level of 1% or less seems extraordinary.

Let's not forget  we've recently had an on-duty Policeman killed in Westminster and firefighters putting their lives in danger in West London while terrorist victims have been taken to NHS hospitals - oh yes our Westminster politicians have done okay with increases (MPs get over £76,000 a year minimum  plus the still generous allowances).

And now

the end is a long way off
but we have £284

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