Monday, June 05, 2017

London carries on

High visibility on the streets

I was in London's West end today to meet an old friend for lunch, it seemed quieter and somewhat subdued.

Walking there past the British  Museum security there too was noticeably tighter but many overseas visitors seemed determined to get out and about.
Bag checks in evidence at British Museum

[In fact it was pretty much two years since we last had a catch up at the same location.]

Very difficult at this time to see how Genie can be contained again (but perhaps we said that about the IRA too?).

Anyway we had a nice lunch and spoke about many things but noticeably (for me)  avoided upcoming political disturbances  and the  terrorism on our streets.

Very much a French style eatery hidden away under the scaffolding 

And it's bigger

Now it's £236 50

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