Sunday, June 04, 2017

Minimalism might be too big a word for me

I'm ploughing through The Fumio Sasaki Book - Goodbye Things, it's actually far more (I think) than just a self help 1st World problem solution.
Dymo 320 printer - useful

I'm not how far I'll adopt the whole scheme (I don't want to dress like Steve Jobs) but what I'm getting is an underlying acceptance that materialism (which I don't deny I am signed up for) is not the same as consumerism - I read in the paper we've (perhaps) attained Peak ownership of Things - many are now more concerned with experiences.

In fact although I don't aspire to a Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg wardrobe - for sure I can throw away a  lot of clothes I don't wear - let's face it it's time to wave goodbye to stuff I've not used/work for a couple of years or so.

There is other people have pointed out a great pleasure in  freeing yourself and reducing what you need (and Fumo makes the point of lessening the burden of when we die!).

A labelled box 

My small start has been to get my Dymo 320 printer working with my main PC (this one) - so I've boxed up the computer, keyboard, speakers, Mouse and so on  - it gives you the picture.

Also I've removed 2 radios (anyone want a free FM radio?)

I rely on this printer for labels, particularly at Christmas and it's great that it still works after quite a few years.

Perhaps I will again try and scan paper work in when it arrives - I've done this before but worry is that you'll have a storage crash (it does happen)

Camera Fund

Well I should maybe get rid of a camera or two before I get a bright new one..

It's £235 now

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