Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Brexit talks start

What people can get in a nice safe market

Seeing David Davies MP shaking hands (rather needy?) the true gravity of last years decision  to leave the EU is there for us to see - I wonder if Davies is focused on the detail  or if he sees this as part of realising his ambition to be leader of the Tories and the UK's Prime-minister?

Being made clear by Mark Carney that his view remains as before -it'll be challenging for the economy but  for some of those at the time of the vote they made it clear that this was not what it's about -UK bill to leave likely to be in the Billions - wonder where the extra NHS funds we were teased with (on that battle bus) will come from?


As part of my 2017 have put a load of Business books on the BookMooch site - it's a place where you can get totally free books and use the points generated either to get other books or donate to good causes - as I want to clear space my points are given.

As I've entered the books onto the database it's been a reminder from my business studies (about 10 years ago) of  how I'd go through books looking for quotes that I could use in assignments - plenty of post its and bookmarks removed - I guess it's slightly more web based now.

And more

Perhaps my fund should be used for something other than a replacement camera..

or not- And the sum is now £262

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