Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Apologies to some but sorry seems to be the hardest word

to the nation...

Odd that Mrs May felt able to say sorry to here fellow MPs ahead of the electorate but there you go.

A coalition of colours but no blue

Despite the 'full support' she's receiving currently and the warm reception by the 1922 committee what we have now is an exercise in damage limitation - Tories will be working towards the time when Theresa May can be replaced and the 'caretaker' government will try to engineer a situation where they can win the next election.

[The 1922 committee is the Tory backbenchers getting together normally each  month but exceptionally too like this to hear from their leader - it was named when Tories and Liberals split form their coalition government and actually started in 1923]

Runners and Riders are not yet officially  announced but there's a feeling  amongst those in the know that at the end of the Conference season  this year we'll have a new PM and leader of the Conservative party.

 We like

The round sum of £250

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