Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lights, action and mulch

Neat light with charger and battery bargain at  £35
Of course not everything about the internet is great but it fantastic for getting 'things' this little light is perfect as a 'fill' for taking pictures of people and arrived promptly and works - would have been nice if supplied with a 'shoe' adaptor to enable it to sit on a tripod - but that's ordered now too

Seems an absolute bargain too it's called  Hakutatz LED portable photography videography light and was just £35 from UK Ebay seller 'Blue Dimensions' including good packaging and prompt shipping.


I'm not sure how long ago I got our first consignment of wood mulch from local tree feller - seems that it's very popular (free is an even better price than £35)  - wonder if the whole site will rise a few inches.

Don't put this type it on your crops until it's stabilised - chemical reactions going on and I could see steam rising today.

You might just about see the steam on our fresh Mulch 

Another day another dollar

or so the saying goes but actually £2 to make

a total so far of £277

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