Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Decision time beckons

It's a tough world
Decision time for UK voters will be tomorrow and the last few weeks have been tough for the two main party leaders - well done to them both.

What I'd say is that  we've had is a campaign that's been about everything but Brexit - Theresa May has done worse than many expected and Jeremy Corbyn better but there can be little doubt that Labour will have 'lost' the question is the scale and how it looks nationally.

[Labour are doomed to opposition having forfeited Scotland to the SNP]

The LibDems and UKIP both chose to fight their campaign around Brexit and that particular ship has set sail and is now a dot on the horizon.

No time for weeds

As well as Scotland Labour are unable to capture the centre ground that could take them back to power - further tinkering will be required of the current leadership process  for them to have a good chance of getting an electable leader.

The only party (for me) that has come out of the battle with their integrity in place is The Greens and they will be luck to keep their single  seat - so let's see if any of the thouyghts hold up in 24 hourrs let alone a week (a long time in Politics).

Whatever happens Corbyn will need to go back to his allotment and a younger centrist  person will emerge as Labour Leader, they'll need to engage with other parties and recognise 21st Century Britain (and NI)  - I'd like see it being Sadiq Khan and not just to irritate Donald Trump.

For the Tories if May does not produce a convincing win, with a healthy majority  - she'll need to recognise that Boris remains ambitious in the extreme.

Wow - I like it 

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