Saturday, June 10, 2017

Back as Picture of The Week

I think this is the first one of mine for 2017
How long can local papers survive?

Seems to me that our local free paper (The Ealing Gazette) now has an even more slimmed down operation than it did last year - news is about lots of West London and adverts not so plentiful.

Also not every week is there a letters page so I am more than usually delighted to find a picture taken by yours truly published this week - it's an oblique reference to the battle to keep Northfields Allotments from losing more of its land to residential building - very much against the spirit of the Bishop of London's land bequeath-ing generosity.

At least in some General Election good news local MP Rupa Huq who has been constant in her support of the resistance of plotholders has retained her Ealing Acton seat with a much increased majority .

Aubergines are potted and ready to plant out soon

And the beat goes on

£245 - That's the score 
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