Monday, June 19, 2017

Social Media Training

RACC has been adapted to fulfil it's goals
I suppose the Millennials and people around this group know all about Social Media by both by shared experiences amongst their peer groups  as well as training.

I'm often an early adopter of the applications that help us communicate but my own experience has been a little ad-hoc to date.

I was fortunate enough to hear about a course that could have been designed just for me and it was held not too far from home at RACC (A college in Richmond West London).

This really was a chance to speak, listen  and learn from someone who had been on a journey from the corporate marketing world to a One man band type of operation where he was able to get the chance to put into action what he picked up on the value of Social Media.

Julian Holden (for that was the name of the course leader - as you'd expect he's all over the web) started by hearing what the four 'students' wanted from the day giving some background on his own career.
Think about the people, the platforms and the message

The course wasn't about SEO (Search engine optimization) but usefully Julian did touch on it - there are always Buzz words in these techie type fields.

I'm on Facebook, Twitter and have a blog and like one of the other participants  on the course I've not pulled these different elements  together so it was great to look at this and always see what the low effort way of using Facebook might be (create a 'public' page under your profile - open to all 'users') .

What I need to do now is investigate some of the 'Social Media Desktops' - there are free ones to start with like a basic version of Hootsuite.

And of course the thing to do (which I'm bad at) is look at what is effective - and that's not necessarily what you like (Sprout Social was mentioned).

The Money Pot

Another 'round-ish' figure -£260

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