Saturday, June 03, 2017

Well it was about 50 years ago today & Always watering

Mojo- And from 40 years after 
The BBC (TV and Radio) have, I feel  been magnificent in commemorating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles Seminal album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

I suppose the use of the line 'it was 20 years ago today' in the title track  meant there'd be plenty of revisits- I recall even in my senior school days there was a reappraisal as early as the  mid70's - then at 20 years I'm sure there was something too.

With the current reviews I've  particularly enjoyed the two part Radio 2 documentary narrated by Beatles Uber-Fan Martin Freeman - it uses some great outtakes as well as the 'new' improved production masterminded by the original producer's son Giles Martin - the extra detail really does show the brilliance of what was done all those years ago.

Today's BBC 2 documentary fronted by Howard Goodall  did feel a little Open University at times  but it was nice to have more focus on Within You Without You - which perhaps fired the starting pistol for what's now the idea of  popular 'World Music'.

Like so many LPs my own favourite changes from day to day (like Her Majesty) - currently it's Good Morning Good Morning.

See some old people enjoying listening to the album here and young people seeing the group.

[I love things like the facts around  9 pianos being used on the final chord of day in the life]

Always Watering

Toamtoes like watering

Gooseberries seem to be flourishing

And it continues


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