Saturday, June 24, 2017

The worlds of Arts and Crafts

We love 'A' Frames

Noticed a contrast between the Artists who spend some of their time  painting and creating and those who commit more fully.

Interesting to see, last night  work of EAG (Ealing Art Group) at St Barnabas Church (nice place too - but the Kingsgate Workshops   today in West Hampstead was full of people who 'walked the walk' - great tour of the Ceramicist workshops by one of the best competitors in this years'  BBC  Pottery throw-down Freya who shares workshop space with her father and sister.

The results of creative endeavour 

A taste of the place

Reusing old industrial space 

Great to meet people who've been at the workshops for 30 plus years and be able to smell the oil paint that's part of the fabric of the place.

Here we are

It feels like soon I'll be arriving at a point where the temptation will be to add a 'hefty' sum to reach a bargain/offer  price for the Canon  G7 MkII- there are lots of offers out there  now - new models coming  from Canon I expect.

At the pint we can say £271

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