Saturday, June 17, 2017

Zombies and misery

Rocking out in Richmond 
First of all where I'm coming from - I've lived through about ten Prime ministers I think and can recall about nine of them our current PM is by far the worst I've experienced and is now a political Zombie.

But I do not think she is alone in being guilty of considering financial consideration too highly - I do not condone the pack mentality that smells blood and is looking to see her toppled  - it's far too similar to those terrible blood sports that I thought were behind us.

On my MBA course (a few years ago now) one of the first topics we covered  was leadership -The thing is  is leadership is a two way thing it's not just about the figure head it's about those who follow too - blind obedience does not remove responsibility.

Where do we go from here - ? The Conservative party are well known for their ruthlessness in despatching electoral liabilities, the figure who can bring cheer (in the short term) and some consensus could be a reformed BJ (Boris) or perhaps it'll be Philip Hammond who will be the uniting figure -?

All present and correct

£256 50 is here Sir!

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