Saturday, July 01, 2017

What people do

Doesn't go unnoticed ..

Christina puts in so much work and leads campaign to keep the allotments 

Fantastic results for all the efforts that have been put in at Local (London's Oldest) Allotments - something like 700 visitors including the MP for the area Rupa Huq - Rupa has been so supportive of the campaign to keep the allotments (Save NF allotments)  from developers and finished her presentation of prizes with 'The fight goes on" -great stuff.

The fight goes on Says Rupa Huq MP

And the audience agree

Many deserved prize winners (well done Simon - 'Best Shed' Coleman)  and a great atmosphere generated by visitors and plot holders.

Somewhere over there 

Here's what

we have now

As above it's £286
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