Thursday, December 08, 2016

Plot Pruning and UK government splits

Cage - now you see it

Well as well as pruning in the garden I've got a job on my hands with
And it's gone
several fruit trees on the Northfields Allotments (Save NF Allotments).

Yesterday was incredibly mild and I got out there with my secateurs - also removed fruit 'cage' and had a bit of a chat with a fellow plot holder.

This time of year the allotments are much quieter but there are still some remnants from the Pumpkin trail.

A view of  my lovely shed
Save NF is still ongoing

The Government drift?

Well does seem a great shame that Labour  does not have a fully united party to offer a strong opposition  - seems that Theresa May the current PM is having a tough time with her party and today news reflects the government  lacking  coherence .

It's really unusual to see comments  of her Foreign Secretary  being somewhat discounted today by the PM - along with reports of tensions with her Chancellor and the understanding that Cabinet ministers can choose to 'opt out' of the Heathrow decision   the overall effect is of drift and recent announcements about UK's Rail services do not inspire confidence.

A big stop Sign ?-  UK  Rail and Heathrow picture remains unclear  

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