Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fear and Love, New Courses- 2017 beckons

Urbaisation continues to challenge 
Well yesterday I mentioned Beazley Designs of the Year today I'm looking at  the
More Fear than Love?
other 'ticketed' event at The  Design Museum, oh yes Ticketed means not free unless you're a member.

Well the second exhibition is called Fear and Love and is more difficult to describe to visitors than the packed and straightforward 'Designs of The Year'.
Feedback can help us deal with stress 

This exhibition looks at the challenges ahead from the continued urbanisation of endemic peoples to the mass migrations sweeping the world.

Also considered are robotics and even the sociologcal challenges that includes  rocketing levels of Stress in Developed cities (Like London) while in the  'developing world' the emergence of LGBT sensibilities in countries like the formerly  'conservative' India.

If Robotics is you're thing then this might excite you (or scare you!)

In fact one of the items that packs the most punch post Brexit is the European living - the idea that an anti- Government vote in the UK will derail this is to be taken with a pinch of salt (in my view) but something to think about - if we're fixated on a Dystopian perspective.

A view that identifies us all as 'European'

New Year New Course

Another year another course
Great news from my annual car service (less money spent than I feared)  means that I am able to book courses for 2017 - first is an Introduction to Tate Modern - if it's even close to being as good as this year's National Gallery Introduction (vb150) it'll be great.

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