Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Projects for 2017 - and help if you can

Party of Red and a front door too
So I suppose most of 2016 I was involved in taking Red Pictures and I'm going to do something similar in 2017 but different ..

Next year I'm going to be running two projects, a foreground one year  (365 Front Doors) and another one bubbling on in the background for the first year and then full on in Year 2 looking at 'Faith and Religion.

365 Front doors

Mail me with suggestions
I guess having spoken to a few people this is something which is eminently achievable and will continue to get me taking pictures and then thinking about them.

I'm going to set a few ground rules - basically I'll be trying to take the picture on the day or the day before the blog  and upload of the picture -and I'll keep a record of the location and something about it and the number - the locations will be skewed to West London.

I'd be really grateful for any suggestions along the way too.

I guess it could form the basis of a desktop diary/calendar too.

Religion and Faith (in a year)

All sorts of places and 'ideas'

What I'll be trying to do here is research for a 2018 project when I'll track religion and faiths - looking at Churches, Temples and places of worship.

But also the people and occasions High days and holidays along with beliefs and difference across a selection of practices and ideas - as this is going to be more complex to manage as a project I need to be prepared.

I'll be looking at constructing an agenda using diaries and online resources in 2017

Again please get in touch with ideas    

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