Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Week 2 welcoming at 'New' Design Museum and Well Done to new Turner Prize Winner

New Design Museum- Steady stream condition now 

Last Friday morning I was on welcoming duties at Kensington High Street's Design Museum- happy to report a very steady stream of visitors - many of them encouraged by the chance to see 'Free' collection.

I've not yet had a good chance to look around the Museum partly because we've not got any passes but also because after a shift I'm wanting to have a sit down!

A budding designer perhaps?
And that roof is iconic (almost)

Congratulations to Helen Marten

It's good news for Helen Marten - who it was announced yesterday has won the Turner Prize for 2016 - Helen gave a great acceptance speech and as she's already won one prize (The Hepworth) has decided to share the £25,000.

Here's some pictures of her work that was recently at The Serpentine - Hoping for more great stuff from her.

Helen Headlining
Reminds me of a Record Player

A trademark work from this year's Turner Prize Winner - Helen Marten 

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