Sunday, December 04, 2016

At Richmond Adult Community College Craft Fair (RACC)

An early start
Yesterday was a long day for me (hence no blog) and slightly pleasurable too.

Oddly it seemed at the time I was invited to have a stall at the fair of the RAAC- when I invited a friend (Gordon Cookson) who I was at a shared OPEN studios venue (BEAT) in September he agreed and the die as they say was set.

As is generally the case for any event like this I'm keen to arrive early and make sure all is as it should be (and to secure parking).

Well the good news is that the event was pretty well organised - fly in the ointment being the rather wobbly screens .
Oldy but goldy

Quite a lot of passers-by in evidence and some good chats, sadly though only one sale - but this to a really charming lady and talented, prize winning  ceramicist Jadwiga Low  - she was selling Angel Wings as (mainly) tree decorations.

What I particularly like about her (and was extremely flattered by) was that she asked me to sign the print - it was from a couple of years back and was of Donkeys.

 I also got a chance to have a good chat with Sue Harper who had a stand at the Fair and had taught me Framing at the college some 2 or so years ago - really good advice from her on various topics.

I enjoyed the event and think though I am still very much in a learning phase.
And a wobbly stand.

A shared stand.

Come and see us

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