Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ealing's Bond street of the future and Broadway Centre's screen

So work is underway on the new 'Cinema Quarter' in Ealing and it'll be sad to see the Pop Up Shops in the 'Old YMCA' building vacated (especially the one I've used).

Filmworks seems to be the working title of the development 

With all the Photoshop and talented graphic's technicians what used to be known as The 'Artist's Impressions' are really getting quite good.

So between Hotel Xanadu and the Spanish Restaurant will be new 
In fact the building next to Hotel Xanadu which used to be part of TVU/University of West London already looks empty at ground floor - so I expect work will start soon.

That Screen in the Broadway Centre

Talking of screens the big one outside the library is still not in use but looking from the back fairly clear that it'll be showing something soon.

The Public side of the screen 

and the working business side

I don't know if it'll be advertising or a Cinema project - we'll have to wait and see.
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