Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Designs of the year at Kensington High Street

The 'New' home of Design Museum

So having directed more than a few people around the 'New' Design Museum HQ in Kensington High Street felt it was time that I at least dipped my toe in the pool of what's on show.

After a 'comfort break' first on the list to see was the Beazley  Design of the Year and certainly having looked at it I wouldn't hesitate to point people at it -there's a lot to see.

Samaritans campaign.

 Diverse is just a hint of what's on show from Architecture like the Tate Modern Extension to the Samaritans recent advertising campaign.

Nice emphasis on the social and environmental ideas (Phonvert for example which is all about reusing 'mobiles') that are out there.

 My favourite from the eco ideas was the Open Source Precious Plastics  also very keen on the Joto -shared screens (an 'etch- a-sketch for the internet age)   for so many of those things we want to share.

Another Kickstarter supported idea 

[Also liked the re-booted Kodak Super 8 - new directors take note]

A long overdue reboot for the Kodak Super 8 range 

The OPEN source designs from Precious Plastics - a fine example of Modern Philanthropy 

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