Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Robert Rauschenberg and reminders

If you get bored or can't sleep, are lucky enough to live in the UK and have access  to a TV and the BBC iPlayer I recommend taking a look at the Arts section of the application.

A recent visit to this section revealed to me via a Alistair Sooke fronted Artsnight programme on Robert Rauschenberg - intriguing story and view on the artist who although not as infamous as Warhol or Duchamp was similarly influential.
Robert Hughes quite literally
wrote the book on Modern Art

What I liked about the artist that was investigated was along with  his non-artistic background, his restless search  for new experiences and his philanthropy was the evidence that he smiled a lot  and did not take his activities too seriously.

Many critics were irritated by the fact that he moved on and tried so many different approaches, in The Shock of the New (by the hugely influential Robert Hughes) Brian O'Doherty is quoted as a saying 'he did not seem house trained ' but he was a man who had a vision beyond art and sold many of his collections to help fund the Rauschenberg Overseas Cultural Interchange (ROCI).

Retroactive 1 (1964)

As well as using 'found objects' in his works particularly  during his time in New York Rauschenberg was a great artist of Silkscreen prints.

I will definitely check out the exhibition atLondon's Tate Modern 

[And thankfully you can catch the TV documentary series The Shock of the New on youtube]


Talking with a friend about the strange way (human) memory can deteriorate - reminded me how connections hover - this Pizza van for example.

Took me a little while to make the connection with travelling Pizza van during our time in Ecully (outside Lyon) France.

Brought back thoughts of great Pizza past.

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