Friday, December 23, 2016

December Day on London's Oldest Allotments and a great chance meeting

Don't let the ambitious Pathways boss have his way 
So quick trip down to plot 202 to pick up some Christmas Spuds and drop off a little 'home made' compost - great to have a fantastic clear sky- a real reminder why we shouldn't lose more of out precious green space to the developers concrete.

A  warning (with humour)

Seems from what I have heard that Ealing Pathways 'Chief Exec.'  Clive Wilson has declared himself unilaterally the sole arbiter on what should happen  for the two Allotment sites that Pathways are responsible for in Ealing and will stop plot holders from having bonfires in 2017, don't know if this is in a fit of pique or to get his retaliation in first.

He's still got a united opposition in the shape of  local councillors, residents and MP Rupa Huq so maybe he's just a sore loser?

In fact the argument over land for 'housing' shoulkd not be witjh allotment holders but Government and big building firms who sit on their stiock of land (to keep prices and profits sky high - look at this Telegraph no less report).

 Pleasurable chance meeting

Hilary's a voice in the community

Doubly pleasurable to meet the ever cheerful and friendly Hilary Panford, Hilary's a regular attendee at OPEN Ealing's various events and her good friend Tony bought her an 'Autumn'  Photograph of Ealing Green - Hillary not only said the picture was still up but also that OPEN needed more younger men like me (Cough Cough)    - thanks Hilary for purring a smile on  my face

The picture under discussion

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