Friday, December 02, 2016

Richmond is where it's at

I have said previously that Zac Goldsmith was far from an identikit Tory and this is still my belief - look unlike Boris who said he wouldn't stand for Westminster while he was London Mayor - Zac has kept his word (and lost his seat).
He too was the future once.

In truth I don't think Zac is a genuine  Tory - but he gauged the mood of his constituents wrongly and I'm not too sure that Theresa will be that sorry to see him go (despite reports to the contrary) .

 Having an opposition MP as a thorn in your side is probably marginally more comfortable than one of your own party taking the moral high ground - and it is only a by-election.

What we have now is a 'remain-er' anti-Heathrow MP in West London - let's hope for some more.

And Tomorrow ..

It's about Richmond too - as long as I can get up in the morning I'll be half of one of the best doubl;e acts since Ant and Dec at Richmond Adult Community College  with a stall featuring Photography by me and turned Wood by Gordon Cookson..

See you then

Gordon will be there 

And so will I

Come and see us tomorrow at Richmond Adult Community College (TW9 2RE)

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