Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Sending (and receiving) Christmas Cards and Thanks Noah

Cards opened 
Well it's that time of year when we actually get post that's not bills or circulars of some form or another  -Christmas cards every day until 25th December which is nice.

The downside is that I need to send some too - in fact I shouldn't complain it's a whole lot easier than it was for my parents - I've got a spreadsheet and a label maker (for the addresses) and all I need to do is sign the card, perhaps add a one line comment for people I'm in touch with on a regular basis and a bit more for those who I only contact annually.

And more to open

I suppose the deal is that you try and put something of yourself out there and there is some sort of quasi human contact - better than nothing I'm sure.

[Look here I am moaning about it 2 years ago.]

Thanks Noah Scalin

Give it a go in 2017

What a nice guy Mr Scalin is - dropped him a line to let him know I'd completed my 365 project and he was kind enough to reply - oh and he's got a new book which could be worth checking out April next year - Called Creative Sprint - look out for it - seems it's an alternative for those who can't manage a year .

To see what the 365 Project is about look here.

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