Monday, December 12, 2016

Another Morning at the Design Museum and That old bloke

Friday I was again at the Design Museum and nice to get my pass card which means I can get in and out of exhibitions and the building without signing .
Visitors arrive into the Museum

I'm looking forward to being able to provide visitors with a bit more information too once I've looked at Fear and Love and (Beazley) Designs of the Year.
Designer, Maker User

Here are three  pictures - one shows the iconic London Transport Logo selected by Sadiq Khan (London Mayor) as a design classic, you can see a few other iconic designs around it too - the other two more general views.

Iconic Designs 

Old Guy

Still taking an interest 
Odd to find that I'm becoming a figure that people are pleased to find is still vaguely in touch - today helped a lady turn off her Car lights - as we agreed the modern car is increasingly complex item.

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