Friday, December 16, 2016

UK Democracy in action

As is often said we have the least worst system there is and I was amused to hear, on the radio someone asking what did they think our 'professional' politicians might be replaced with?

Settle the argument of the Chagossians

A fair deal should be given.

So walking through Whitehall I was slightly comforted to see that protesters were being vocal - one lot talking about Chagossians - a group that had bypassed me up until now -seems they were a bunch of immigrants/indentured labour transported in British Empire days to Islands around Mauritius - the land they inhabited was then ceded to USA for military bases, they were moved on (to Mauritius or UK)  and they've not been allowed to return  or adequately compensated - hope they get justice!

The other protest I saw was un-surprisingly protesting about Aleppo - not sure that the cure for this will be down to just money - seems that either interfering or not is still having terrible consequences for many civilians.

A reasonable ambition 

Social Care budget increased

A view of the Westminster village

Exchange is no robbery

I was in town to see Lord Bourne (my brother) and I managed to meet up with him to do our annual exchange of presents - he very busy with Government issues  around care for the elderly versus building homes - not going to be popular which either way you go on a choice over those two - but at least the issue is up for debate.
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