Monday, December 05, 2016

Long overdue visit to Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens- Surely got Cold Feet
So Sunday was an  absolutely lovely December day in West London and we got our skates on (not literally - although with several frozen areas of water that would have worked ).

What we find is that each visit (and we make a few) is different either because of changes made by the Garden team or by the seasons/weather.

The big addition I spotted this visit was 'The Hive' - it was created by the amazingly named Wolfgang Buttress for the 2015 Milan Expo l (nice picture of it here).

I like the Art- installations that Kew does they tend to obliquely reference 'Natural' things in an intriguing manner.

Liking the way 'The Hive' fits disappears in  the trees of the landscape
I also tried to get a picture reflecting an earlier one I took

And yesterday the statue 
The silhouette of a gardener with statue (Feb 2015) 

Also the low sun gave me this opportunity

Golden sun in Kew Gardens

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