Friday, December 30, 2016

Design Museum Booming

Earlier today at the Design Museum and after a slow-ish start the place really began to fill - it's that time of year when families are thrown together and something to do, potentially for free -( here's some help for Londoners) can be  an urgent requirement to stop murder being done.
Look at the 'Design'  briefs and have a go 

The 'Activity' area serves at least two major needs - something that feels somewhat designer-ry and somewhere to sit - often it's pre-schoolers using bricks  but Schools on holiday mean that pre-teens and early teens are involved (making it harder for the more mature to find a seat under the guise of 'trying them out').

Well the answer's on the left
Seems so

From what I heard the first month has already seen more new members than in a year at the previous home (Shad Thames) and the shops - both of them looked busy too.

Thinking about Religion 

Kensington High Street has a nice little Roman Catholic Church (currently with Nativity Scene) and this reminded me that 2016 isn't all about front doors for me.

So I've googled and found a rather neat and helpful site about 'Religious days - here's the January link - it's already told me something about January 1st -that it's a Christian celebration of a Jewish custom namely the circumcision and naming of Jesus - the circumcision is carried out on the 8th day of the infant's life  by a 'Mohel'.

Here's a link to a Christian service celebrating the naming, the keeping of the (Jewish)  law the fist spilling of Christ's Blood.

Not every one's cup of tea

The short form story of  Our Lady of Victories 

Without the humour of the Spanish Nativity Scenes.

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