Monday, December 26, 2016

(Last) Christmas and this one

Well got some jolly presents and (like many others) had too much to eat yesterday - really looking forward to reading Marina Abramovic's Walk through Walls and The School of Life's Small Pleasures (which are/can be big).
Just some of the goodies

As usual I've got a CD and it'll be slightly  bitter-sweet listening to the departed Leonard Cohen - as many people have mentioned we've lost a lot of big hitters in 2016 - many are people I rated and or saw like Prince and David Bowie - well the last week has marked the departure too of Veteran Rocker (as he was known in life) Rick Parfitt  and George Michael (yesterday).

Like watching Bowie on Top of The Pops on TV in the 70's seeing Wham! (with like Lichtenstein's famous painting there was an exclamation but here only one A)  was a revelation as they were (it seemed) about Fun.

Michael proved himself quite a songwriter over the years and a generous benefactor too - oddly I saw the group walking around in WH Smith at Heathrow in their early years, prior to Superstardom  - so that's my Wham! story (I had Fantastic too which has the great Wham Rap and Young Guns.

[George's visit to Desert Island Discs is worth listening to too]

Well very good anyway 

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