Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas in Kensington and Austin Kleon

Bill's Bike in the Window

Yesterday another welcoming day at  the (London) Kensington Design Museum and as I was slightly early into the tube station (less commuters than usual) took a short diversion onto (the not so) mean streets just off the main drag.

StreetCheck is more than fascinating

Slightly surprised to find that the rather 'posh' Phillimore Gardens had managed to go as tacky as many less affluent streets - starting with Bill Wyman's Sticky Fingers (restaurant)  the season was being marked by quite a few of the inhabitants.

The Snowman 

and Santa Baby

Some of the residents were all out for a democratic take on the decorations - others did look at making a tasteful statement ..

Slightly tasteful 

Rovers Bauble's on show

Others fell between two stools

Nice gift wrapping?

Making Marks

We're as a (slightly superior) ape all about our making of marks {article about ape's pooh- seems to point at group culture}

If you're choosing just a few people to follow on Twitter -Austin Kleon's worth considering - he's got a new book (actually about a year old)  delighting in Journals and I was interested to look at a '30-minute-ish reading' on youtube - odd that an almost stationary camera and direct presentation was so engaging - all the flashes and bangs are in the content- great the way he credits all too (including his 7th grade Englsih school teacher Mrs Neff).

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