Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Those road numbers evolve and more retail

It's on the cards now
Having given an outline of how I would approach my 365 road numbers I started looking more actively at the plan and have revised my strategy almost immediately.

What I'm going to do (hopefully) is take numbered front door pictures as I see them, aiming for the relevant day but keeping others on file- then selecting the best (or only one) as needed - I'll have folders of around 50 prefix a) for the door and b) for the street/road.

71a The Subject-   The Door

 71b The road name is the  signifier 

 Have already got one from a nearby road for  364 (higher numbers will be more difficult) might try and use my 'second' camera (Powershot SX280 HS)  alongside my main one (G16) to get a GPS location and map the result too.

Retail moves to occasion shopping

But others offer-  A destination shopping centre  experience 
Some areas are functional 

Yesterday when I was out and about noticed that away from the main roads where the chain stores are king it's a mixture of  opening hours which doesn't serve shoppers or retailers well and means focus is on the big commercial centres (like Westfields - the Shepherd's Bush one for me).

 Holidays, especially at this time of year  are more and more equated with meeting friends, having something to eat and then looking around the shops and perhaps buying something - I hit Uniqlo  my favourite clothes shop as it manages to be multi-generational and (slightly) cool.

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