Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ealing cinema, Housing and the Arts

A peep today -
(not the Egyptian Pyramids) 
Today I had a peep behind the hoardings at the site of the old /new Cinema site in Ealing.

Well I suppose the fact that work has started on the Cinema project is good news (it's going to be I fear now that developers St Georges have had changes to the planning permission it'll be  more about high profit housing than Cinema and Arts.).

If you want to make sure that local p[eople get some 'real' facilities' the Campaign for Ealing Performance and Arts Centre CEPAC needs your support (and perhaps) help - they're working to see that not everything is about commercial outcomes.

A front page picture in the Ealing Gazette (from me)  a few years back 

More on the subject of housing soon (it'll be connected with the removal of 'valued' and ' historic'  Allotments then).

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