Monday, May 22, 2017

Sale of the century

We all like Hearty Jokes
Rather scary as we get closer to the actual UK poll (or election if you prefer) the way various parties are offering what they think the electorate wants.

I believe there's a general rule if a deal looks too good to true it probably is - sometimes you need to walk away - and the idea of something for nothing is actually rather insulting

And where I can see the logic behind the Conservative idea of your resources  being used to fund 'care' one could not help but anticipate action being taken to transfer assets (especially by those with the wherewithal) but  it seems that Mrs May has now  decided too much truth might not be needed at this time.

The LibDems are painfully aware of  of the downside promising (to Students) what they can't deliver (and then finding that they're expected to) - The Greens are still in the territory of there being little consequence (or damage) to promising Nirvana (which looks quite good to me) -We will see in time what Brexit means but I fear many voters will have some disappointment there too.

And this bird has flown

[Don't suppose that I should be shocked  to see Boris again revealing his true colours during Robert Preston's Sunday ITV show.]

Here we go

just keeps improving..

£214 it is

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