Friday, May 05, 2017

It was about Time

It was about ..
After something like three  weeks of 7 of my Photo's  being on show at the very excellent Grapevine Bar (Part of Questors' theatre Ealing) it was time to take down the framed prints along with co-exhibitor Dr Tim Layden.

The hanging at the bar gave me a chance to take account of what I'd been exposed to in Shirley Read's City Lit course (and in looking around at Galleries and exhibitions).

So before I went I did try out what worked together..

and on the wall

And on the wall
And it was commented on that I had the pictures at 'eye height' too.

So now looking for another venue and (still) taking pictures.

That Fund

And behind £169 50 will be £170 we can assume

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