Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Ealing North Constituency

Not shy Labour

Oh yes there's an election campaign on - Tim Farron leader of the Liberal Democrats s was on TV last night and came over very well  (even though he scarily had a picture of Mrs T on his wall at one stage).

 Not too sure why he's so strongly against pacts and deals - whatever happens his party is going to win next month.

Where I live we've got a popular and hard working Labour MP - Stephen Pound, he was a friend of Tony Blair and is generally considered  a moderate (whatever that means as many would Labour's Shadow chancellor is  making, so far  'moderate demands' of the rich but is considered 'Hard Left').

The constituency  (Ealing North) perhaps surprisingly has since 1997 been pretty solid Labour .

In the area I have noticed quite a number of Labour posters and boards up supporting Pound but nothing so far for the other parties - this of course could be shy Tories.

Only a few weeks more.

Waiting patiently 

The Fund

Two nice new £1 coins mean ..

I've got £182

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