Monday, May 29, 2017

More Beans and bean counting

Well sympathies are with travellers who were let down by BA - despite words from their Chief Executive (Alex Cruz) this is playing like the United Airlines self inflicted PR disaster when they forcibly removed a grandfather from a plane they'd overbooked.

A Broad Bean plant - one of twelve.

I can't see Cruz (the BA Boss) winning awards for his communication skills - it seems to me we've gone as low as we can with airline services and it's time for the so-called market leaders to rebuild their brands by lavishing some TLC as well as investment in the dreaded IT.
[Stop digging Alex]

Anyway I strayed from my point -better to spend time on the allotment - Broad Beans planted out today (I know I'm late with these too)


Reach for the sky (and C4News)

Odd that the people who might gain something from engaging and perhaps watching political figures are turned off by it - having seen the Tory and Labour leaders - must say they're much better than I'd be in working a crowd and (almost) answering difficult questions.

Some things they say are close to 'untruths' but Corbyn performs well and seems to be relishing the campaign - Theresa May less robotic than I feared - in fact they're both older than me, doing a hard job and (I think) genuine in wanting the UK to be a better country - sometimes it almost feels that Jeremy might do okay(?)

{I would like to ask Jeremy about how much the 4 extra public holidays will cost - reminds of when Cameron was promising workers could take 3 days  paid  time off work to do charity things - what happened to that?}

Ever onward

And arriving at £225

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