Monday, May 15, 2017

Not that Andy Murray

Conservatives see May as a an asset 
I've been on and used Twitter pretty regularly for the last 3 years or so - mainly as a habit to 'tweet' a picture each day.

The 'madness' of following lots of people is something I've dodged to date but I do look at what's 'trending' to see the latest  stories that are generating interest - puzzled today to see Andrew Murray being associated with Labour - what was the hard hitting Tennis player from Scotland up to?

Well it's another Andrew Murray and one far less likely to generate positivism in the Daily Mail - this one was an avowed Communist until late last year but now is (supposedly) working to get Jeremy Corbyn into No.10.

Is this a  message for the leadership?

Locally leaflet from our Labour candidate considers Amanda Redman (Actress) and Sadiq Khan (London Mayor)worthy of mention but not the Labour Leader - Tories are noticeably trumpeting their own leader.

 It sometimes feels as though there's a degree of deliberate contrariness being displayed by the present variety of Labour party -any opportunity to appear moderate seems to be rejected - still all will be decided in a few weeks time..

Struggling on

£195 now -When will we say £200?

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