Thursday, May 04, 2017

Eusébio the real deal and Tourism

Apart from hanging around the utility boxes in Carvoeiro we tried a couple of restaurants there (great Chicken Piri-Piri).
The restaurant stands as a testament to Eusébio

One of the places we ate at (Casa Iberica)  was festooned with photographs of football and on enquiry I found that the theme was around  Eusébio who I remember from my days as a Football mad pre-teen  at the time of the 1966 world cup.

[In fact looking at the 'Stats'  when he was playing for Benefica he averaged more than one goal per appearance - staggering.]

It was unusual at the time to see a Black player amongst a European team at this time - he was a great player with amazing speed and was top goal score inn the World Cup of 1966.

The entrance to the Casa Iberica

Talking to  a local driver it was illuminating to find how his story is part of the national fabric- also  learnt from him how Carvoeiro had changed from a fishing village where the sea would often encroach on the main street to a tourist resort.

It's interesting to think about the price paid for Tourism in many Southern European countries by locals - UK has got by lightly I would say.
Just some of the photo's

Looking into the story around Eusébio it's quite something to see he was the real deal, a hero and role model - given 3 days of national mourning when he died in 2014.

And Now

I'm going off the coppers - £167 50p

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