Sunday, May 07, 2017

When it's time to leave the stage

So a 'week's a long time in politics' I fear it's going to feel liker an eternity as we move towards the UK general election on June 8th.

There is still hope that Labour will do better than is feared by its supporters but the 'runes' to date do not look good.
It takes courage to go out there.

While the Labour party repeat the mistakes of the past and actually choose to ignore widely accepted wisdom it is worth considering what a seemingly benign character has done which works against those he wishes to help.

To me the Labour party of late have chosen to focus on those who have suffered during the economic challenges of the last 10 years or so but have not offered to the vast majority of an aspiring population a view of 'sunny uplands'.

The victim mentality, which the Labour activists message can be read as is not inspiring - the idea that we can sort problems just by taking from those who have more is not enough.

If the result is as bad as expected a period of realistic reflection will be needed and perhaps the time to do that is while Jeremy Corbyn is still leader -rather than however tempting it is  just throwing him under the bus and putting all the blame at his door (Perhaps Ed needs to be held responsible too).

Oh dear we could get a sunny day which will help the government too.

Motoring now

£176 .60 -Feels like I'm really moving now

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